Your home’s furnace works hard to keep your house at the ideal temperature during Calgary’s coldest months. Long-term use and lack of maintenance can, and eventually will, create wear and tear on the unit itself or even the ventilation system. When your heating system starts costing you more money to run it and more money in repairs, it may be time for a new unit. Most furnaces last between 10 and 20 years; if yours falls into this range, you should have your furnace inspected annually, before it gets too cold outside, to ensure proper function.



When it’s time to upgrade or install your AC unit to the newest model, PM Services is ready to guide you through the entire process. We will help you find the perfect model to fulfill your needs, and our experienced professionals will get installed and running smoothly. If we can fix your existing air conditioning unit, we will. Unfortunately, not all broken AC units can be repaired. In these cases, we are more than happy to quote you for a replacement.



Don’t let your building succumb to the scorching heat this summer or the blistering cold next in winter. Instead, rely on PM Services to provide a full-spectrum tune-up that helps to keep your A/C fighting against the relentless summer heat and your furnace against the obnoxious cold. With daily temperatures fluctuating, this can threaten the comfortability of your place and the health of your heating and cooling products. No matter what the weather forecast predicts, you should make sure your unit is in top condition and able to withstand the weather.



PMService is more than willing to do inspections on your furnace and A/C unit. While we do not work with or install Water Heaters, we do offer suggestions and audits on their status on whether they should be replaced or not (charges may apply). We believe that if your home heating and air conditioning units are maintained regularly, you don’t have to worry about common issues down the road. We do inspections during regular working hours so give us a call!